What is St. Georges Co-op?

St. Georges also has a rich history. We officially opened on October 17, 1992, and were the first bilingual co-op established in North America. We take pride in our bilingual and inclusive culture.

As a mixed income co-op, St. Georges fosters, promotes and maintains a respectful and diverse community. Our residents include families (including many single parent families), new immigrants, people living with disabilities, seniors, students and young professionals. Many of our residents have raised their children here, and founding members of the Co-op are still living in St. Georges today. We believe that our diversity makes us stronger.

We are pleased to be the closest co-op to the University of Ottawa, which is located just around the corner from our quiet one way street. Many of our residents are students of the University, whether they be parents completing a degree as they raise their families, kids who have grown up in the Co-op, or new students who recently moved to the area. Some of our residents also work for the University.

Our Organization

St. Georges is a democratically run non-profit co-op, run by all members of our community. Our members actively participate in our community through their service in our Committees and on the Board of Directors. We democratically elect our members to serve on the Board of Directors, and decisions impacting our community are made by our members at our General Members’ Meetings. We diligently manage our fiscal responsibilities and strive to advance our community’s goals to ensure the high quality management of St. Georges.

Our Mission

St. Georges is a non-profit housing co-op that fosters, promotes, and maintains a respectful, diverse and inclusive bilingual and mixed income community, in accordance with our core values.

Our Core Values

Together we govern according to the principles and values of the co-operative model:

  • Respect, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Bilingualism
  • Safety and Security
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Self Government, with Active and Democratic Participation
  • Environmental Sustainability

Our Vision

St. Georges will continue to be a bilingual, respectful, diverse, inclusive and thriving mixed income co-op with members that actively participate and are deeply invested in our community.