Member Selection Criteria

In determining whether someone is suitable for membership, the co-op will not discriminate by reason of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, political affiliation or activity, sexual orientation, family relationship, disability, conviction for which pardon has been granted or any other reason which would be a violation of fundamental human rights.

Acceptability of applicants for membership in the co-op will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • commitment to co-op principles and a willingness to contribute four (4) hours per month in helping to run the co-op, normally through participation in a committee or on the Board of Directors
  • financial responsibility
  • appropriate household income and size: that is, the household can afford the housing charge, or housing charge assistance is available and the household size can be accommodated according to the co-op’s occupancy standards
  • indication of long-term commitment to the co-op
  • commitment to being a good resident who will maintain the unit and other co-op property in good condition
  • commitment to being a good neighbour who will live co-operatively and will respect the rights of others
  • indication of a positive attitude to living in a community with people from a variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds
  • ability to live independently in the co-op, using support services available in the community, if required

How to Become a Member

Step 1: Attend an Information Session

The information sessions are designed to allow all those who are interested to find out more about co-operative housing.

Step 2: Apply for Membership

After attending an information meeting, you may submit a membership application to the co-op (either online, in-person or by mail). Each applicant 16 years old and over must submit a separate application and fee(s). Applications must be accompanied by a signed Personal Information Protection Statement form, proper proof of income, an application for subsidy if required and the correct application fee(s). If submitting your application in person or by mail, our address is as follows:

Coopérative d’habitation St. Georges Housing Co-operative
10 Henderson Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1N 7P1

Step 3: Attend a Membership Interview

The Member Selection Committee will interview all applicants 16 years old and over of each household and will provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors as to whether the co-op should accept or reject your application for membership.

The interview is an opportunity for the Co-op to assess whether you would be a good fit for our community. At the interview, a team of 2-3 members from the Member Selection Committee will assess your understanding of co-op living and principles. We will also assess whether you would be an active contributor / participant in the community (e.g. through your participation in the Board or Committees). You will also be kindly asked a series of simple questions so that we can get to know you better. Your answers to our questions will be recorded for the Board’s review. You are also welcome to ask any questions as well. Our interviews are friendly and welcoming.

Following the interview, the Member Selection Committee will meet to discuss the interview and put forward a recommendation to the Board as to whether the co-op should accept or reject your application for membership. This decision will be based on whether or not you were determined by the committee to meet the criteria set out in the Member Selection and Unit Allocation By-law.

Step 4: Wait to Hear Back on Whether Your Application Was Accepted

It usually takes 1-3 months to process an application, from submitting your application to having an interview to receiving approval that you have been placed on the waiting list. Upon approval or denial of your application by the Board of Directors, you will be informed by email or mail as to whether or not you have been placed on our waiting list.

Step 5: If Accepted to Become a Member, Wait for a Unit to Become Available

If approved for membership, your name will be placed on our Co-op waiting list. Your place on the waiting list will be determined by the date your completed application is received by the office.

Step 6: Occupancy!

When a unit becomes available, we will consult our waiting list and contact people by order of application date. Once we come to your name on our list, you will be contacted to view the unit.

You will have roughly 48 hours to decide whether or not to take the unit. You will have two chances to turn down an offer before your name is removed from our waiting list.

The following will be required to secure the unit selected:

  • First month’s housing charge (non-refundable): cost depends on unit selected (see Fees and Deposits section below for pricing)
  • Life-time membership fee: $10 (non-refundable)
  • Damage deposit: $1,000 (refundable, so long as there is no damage to the unit upon moving out)


**Please note that we are currently not accepting applications to join the co-op as the waitlist is too long and members are not moving out at this time. **

Note* – A $30.00 application fee, by e-transfer, cheque or money order only, is required.

The date your completed application with documentation and application fee is received at the office determines your position on our waiting list.


Housing Charges

  • 1 Bdrm

    $717.00 / mth

  • 1 Bdrm (u)

    $787.00 / mth

  • 1 Bdrm (+)

    $797.00 / mth

  • 2 Bdrm

    $835.00 / mth

  • 2 Bdrm (u)

    $911.00 / mth

  • 3 Bdrm

    $1,035.00 / mth

  • 3 Bdrm (u)

    $1,121.00 / mth

  • 4 Bdrm

    $1,219.00 / mth

  • 4 Bdrm (u)

    $1,313.00 / mth

Add to all housing charges $6.00 / mth for sector support fee.

(u) – includes utilities

(+) – 1 Bdrm has a very small 2nd room

*In order to qualify for a unit paying market rent, your GROSS (before deductions) household monthly income should be approximately three (3) times greater than the housing charge for the appropriate-sized unit.

Other Charges

Indoor Parking $50 / mth

Outdoor Parking $40 / mth

Storage Units $20 / mth

Laundry Fees

Washer $1

Dryer $2