Participation Requirements of Members

All St. Georges Co-op members are required to contribute four (4) hours of their time to the Coop per month, usually by participating in a committee or on the Board of Directors.

The Board is elected by the membership and some Committees and Officers are elected, while others are not. The Board and the Committees each have an elected Chairperson.

The following is a brief description of the committees and the Board of Directors (please click on a committee for the answer):

  • up to seven co-op members that are elected for two-year terms
  • oversee all aspects of the co-op to ensure accountability of how the co-op is run, including the budget, finances, projects, maintenance and committee work
  • manage and direct the business of the co-op in accordance with its by-laws
  • ensure efficient operations and delegation of responsibilities to committees and staff
  • hire and supervise staff, enter into contracts for the co-op
  • Board members must be available to participate in board meetings of at least two hours per month
  • review and update the co-op’s bylaws to ensure the sound governance of the co-op
  • provide bylaw updates and recommendations to the board
  • aid the co-op in adhering to the COVID-19 Protocol, promoting best practices and ensuring the sanitation of shared spaces (e.g. elevator, door handles)
  • develop contingency plans for the co-op to mitigate the spread of the virus, and provide recommendations for the Board
  • keep the elevators, lobby, entrance ways and laundry room clean
  • includes cleaning, organizing and mopping the elevators, entrance ways and laundry room, as needed
  • assist the treasurer and accountant in the financial management of the co-op
  • review financial documents as required
  • help to prepare the annual budget
  • plan the co-op’s social events
  • plan the annual neighbourhood block party in September
  • nominate the Monthly Community Service Award winner to the board
  • manage the Children’s Library
  • create and maintain the co-op’s communal green areas and gardens at the front and back of the co-op
  • review applications of new/prospective members
  • interview and screen new applicants for co-op membership, and provide recommendations to the board
  • hold regular information sessions for interested applicants
  • manage the committee involvement of the co-op, maintaining an up-to-date list of active committee members, ensuring that each committee has a minimum of 5 active members, reassigning members to other committees, as needed
  • help with assigning new co-op members to a committee, based on that member’s committee preferences, as ranked in their co-op application form
  • check in with the Committee Chair/Team Leader of each committee regularly to confirm that each committee has 5 active members, and reassign members to other committees, as needed
  • assist the Co-op Housing Manager with translating co-op documents from French to English and vice versa, to help the co-op maintain its bilingualism
  • help with general office work, including: photocopying, stapling and distributing documents to co-op members’ mailboxes)
  • review maintenance audits
  • provide direction on key planning for future repairs and property improvements to the Co-op, and provide recommendations to the board
  • carry out inspections of co-op property and individual units
  • review the Maintenance Manager’s weekly maintenance reports
  • select, draft and prepare the co-op’s application for the annual CHF Greener Co-op
    Microgrant, supporting eco and greening projects across the co-op
  • support recycling efforts and initiatives of the City of Ottawa (providing updates and tips to the members on the City’s recycling program)
  • hold sustainability information sessions
  • schedule hazardous waste collection disposal days
  • submit recommendations to the Board on eco and greening initiatives that could help St. Georges to reduce its carbon footprint
  • maintain the Co-op’s website and social media accounts (e.g. Facebook), working closely with Cooperative Webs


All St. Georges Co-op members are expected to:

  • follow all St. Georges rules and bylaws

  • actively participate in the Co-op by volunteering 4 hours each month, usually by participating on committees or on the board of directors

  • mandatory attendance at the General Meetings (held 1-2 times a year)

  • pay rent on time, and meet all other financial obligations to the co-op promptly

  • keep your unit maintained and in good condition

  • report any property related emergencies or maintenance needs to the co-op promptly by submitting a work order as they occur

  • commit to being a good neighbour by respecting the rights of others

  • live independently in the co-op, using support services available in the community, if required